Notes from a Trip to Argentina and Chile
April 2013

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Good flight overnight from Toronto, even though we stopped in Santiago before continuing on to Buenos Aires.

Our hotel - Ayres de Recoleta - for first two nights is right in the heart of Recoleta, we walked around this afternoon and got lost several times.
Dinner in Recoleta mall at Italian place - very forgettable.
Travel note: taxis are cheap and frequent, at least in the downtown area. Best way to get around.

Took a taxi to Playa del Mayo, where the official buildings are, and Cathedral. It was dirty, people rough sleeping, protests (constant, apparently) so we left. Pass.

Taxi to San Telmo, street vendors, artists, open market, but rough neighbourhood. Wandered, bought wood carvings, lunch at busy pub with tango dancers performing, then bought jewellery as gifts, plus leather purse.

Dinner in Palermo again, at La Cabrera on J.C.Cabrera 5127. It was touristy but fun, had rib eye between us, plus salad. Saint Felicien Zapata Malbec.

Day 1: Buenos Aires
Late morning, horrible breakfast served in our room. There is a car race here, and we are close by the track, so we are planning to go somewhere else.

We walked to the Palermo district - quite a hike. The City today is dirty, sidewalks have garbage and dog poo everywhere. Many high rise apartments, most Soviet style construction - ugly. We discovered later that because of the Easter weekend, no street cleaners were working. It got better.

Palermo has many trees, trendy shops, great strolling around. Stopped for coffee and croissant at Library bar - literally a bookstore. Great coffee. Noticed that cars only use horns when required, which is very pleasant.

Lunch at Salvador, too much and just OK, then short walk and taxi back.

Taxi to BoBo hotel on Guatemala Street at 2000, wasn't even open yet! Had risotto and ribs, both decent. Angelica Zapata 2009 was outstanding.
Moved to the Poetry Building in the Recolta area this morning. Very cool room, nice renovation on an old building.

We got in around noon, and unpacked.